Lauren N. Sharman
romantic suspense author









Diesel and Kady were childhood friends before being forced to marry in a shotgun wedding ceremony.  When Diesel decided he needed to prove to himself he could be more than what he was, he left Kady behind, breaking her heart.
Neglected by her family, Kady had been close to Diesel since he saved her life when she was ten.
  When a misunderstanding made them man and wife, she thought she’d gotten her happily ever after.
Five years as a bounty hunter has changed everything about Diesel, except his love for Kady.
  When an old dream reoccurs, warning him she’s in danger, he heads home to protect her.
The Diesel Kady had known has been replaced by a man’s-man that took her breath away.
  But she’s still hurt; afraid to believe he won’t leave again.  When he tells her about the dream, she realizes learning to trust him again is the only way she’s going to survive.



Copyright 2003-2014 Lauren N. Sharman.  All rights reserved.