Lauren N. Sharman
romantic suspense author










Behind Angel Shelby’s dancing eyes and mischievous smile, lie the razor sharp tongue and fearless attitude that have helped her conceal painful secrets.  However, they aren’t enough to save her this time—as she’s issued a shocking ultimatum.
Nicknamed, The Devil, Blackie McCassey’s violent past keeps most people exactly where he likes a distance.
  Sacrificing his freedom to repay an old debt, he agrees to marry Angel in name only, watch over her, and play peacemaker in the uncivilized bar she runs.
Along with unexpected happiness, marriage brings surprises.
  Once wild and reckless, Blackie suddenly finds himself in the unfamiliar position of keeping someone else out of trouble...his wife.
When a murder occurs, Blackie’s forced to face his past one last time, risking his life to put an end to the chaos disrupting their lives.
  Unfortunately, victory comes at a price...



Copyright 2003-2014 Lauren N. Sharman.  All rights reserved.