Lauren N. Sharman
romantic suspense author









Witnessing her mother's murder put a label on Gypsy Lance that few people overlooked.  Raised in foster homes, she spent her childhood yearning for love and acceptance.  Nearly penniless, she arrives in Hagerstown, Maryland looking to put down roots and outrun a past she fears is about to catch up with her.
Blue collar bad boy Rebel McCassey knows what it's like to try and escape your past.  No longer the hellion he once was, he's never been able to shake his family's bad reputation.  When he finds Gypsy lost in the woods, her unconditional trust and refusal to judge him by his infamous last name touch Rebel in a place he didn't know existed...his heart.
When the demons chasing Gypsy are caught lurking in the shadows, Rebel vows to keep her safe; even if it means slipping back into his old ways...



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