Lauren N. Sharman
romantic suspense author









For thirteen years, bounty hunter Kage Garmin has made it a point to avoid female fugitives.  He wasn't going after this one, either; but couldn't resist taking a look at the girl worth a million dollars.
She smiled at him, and he fell in love.
Kage knew from then on, she would be his. 
He also knew who was after her and why.  In order to save her, he has to convince her to go the one place she’s trying to avoid.
Hiding in plain sight served Journey well…until a handsome bounty hunter shows up with a ‘feeling’ she’s in danger.
  As someone who doesn’t trust easily, she’s surprised to find herself believing in him.
Finally convinced she deserves freedom and happiness, she’s anxious to confront those who stole it from her.
In a dangerous race across the country, Kage is determined to protect Journey as he fights to stay one step ahead of the enemy.



Copyright 2003-2014 Lauren N. Sharman.  All rights reserved.