Lauren N. Sharman
romantic suspense author









The women in Jay McCassey’s life joke that he was born with an ‘S’ on his chest.  Strong and always in control, he guards those he loves with unshakable strength.
A shy, quiet farm girl, Sadie lost her heart to Jay when she was ten years old.
  Without the confidence to express her feelings, she resigns herself to loving the wildly popular member of the notorious McCassey family from afar. 
Although one night’s events link them together forever, it isn’t until Sadie’s desperate and alone—and in trouble—that she gathers enough courage to go to Jay with the truth…a truth he initially refuses to accept.
Jay’s prepared to protect Sadie any way he can, but she knows he’s in danger, too.
  When her attempt to save him before he can save her backfires, the risk he takes to rescue her could end their story before it has a chance to begin.



Copyright 2003-2014 Lauren N. Sharman.  All rights reserved.